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Q. Could Duodenal Cancer run in the family?

A. Duodenal cancers can be associated with Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP), which is a genetic condition that does run in families…Read more

Q. Is there a connection between Celiac Disease and Duodenal Cancer?

A. A VISITOR OF THE SITE WRITES: Hello, I have been reading a ton on Celiac (keep with me here). I know there is at least one celiac listed with us. Now somethings I wanted to bring up are:

1) In celiac disease, the damage starts in teh small intestine and works it’s way down. Some have symtoms, some do not. The length of the small bowel that has been damaged is shorter or there is less damage to the mucous membrane or the lining.( p. 6) “This is also the area where iron , folic acid and clcium and fat solubable vits. (K, A, D and E are absorbed” WHo here had one or any of these deficiencies?

2)”Celiac disease primarily affects the upper part of the small intestine (duodenum). This is where the gluten initially enters the intestinal tract from the stomache. The damage can be mild to sever and can eventually progress to the middle of the small intestine (jejunum) and to the lower part of the small intestine (ileum).” p. 165

3) I know all of you have had blood work after blood work. Now what were your level at for the following?

The genetic test is HLA.

Now here’s my thing with this. What genes are involved in both duodenal cancer and celiac? Could they be linked? Did anyone have symtoms that were pains after eating? If so, what did you just eat?

Q. Are there foods or drinks that can help my immune system?
A. A VISITOR OF THE SITE WRITES: There are quite a few tea’s and foods that will naturally cause the immune system to strengthen, and destroy free radicals in the blood stream promoting health to the parts of the body that are currently suffering from out of control cells (cancer) and the like. For example, Sir Jason Winter’s Tea has Chaparral and Red Clover in it which both inhibit free radical damage and promote health. It needs to be ordered of the Sir Jason Winter’s Tea web site. Apricot kernels where they are not illegal, as in some parts of the world they are cause cancer cells to go through a process called apoptosis which in layman’s terms means that the cancer cells turn on themselves and commit suicide. Buddah’s Tears Green Tea is a powerful green tea with over ten times the amount of antioxidants as other green teas. Selenium tablets (supplements) along with vitamin E tablets and Calcium tablets work well together to destroy cancer cells that are out of control. Barley Green tablets are considered a superfood as they have many nutrients that the body lacks and needs. For a cancer patient Vitamin A tablets along with pancreatic enzyme tablets and the apricot kernels (or a massive amount of almond kernels if you can’t get apricot kernels) fight together to maintain inner health and destroy free radicals in the blood stream. Avoiding fluoride in toothpastes and tap water (in Australia and England especially) and drinking bottled spring water and using other tothpastes is essential. Avoiding shampoos with sodium lauryl sulphate which causes cancer and using other shampoos from a health food shop is a must. Not eating any red meats, fish, chicken or eggs, avoiding salt and excluding glucose or glucose based food products from the diet. Excluding dairy products and anything caffeine. And eating an amass of vegetables and fruits. Juicing vegetables and fruits is essential for giving the body the best foods to build it up so it can fight. And most importantly, only allowing positive thoughts and emotions and discarding all negative and fear based thoughts and emotions. And finally, but most importantly, to seek a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the ultimate HEALER

Q. Where can I find some case studies?
A. Read this case at Cats.Med.UVM.EDU.
Q. What is Strip Biopsy?
A. Read this article at www.cancerprev.org.

Q. Where can I find some case studies?
A. Read this case at Cats.Med.UVM.EDU.

Q. Where can you find information on IMRT (Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy)?
A. We found this informative website…www.radiologyinfo.org

Q. Do you have children? Are you concerned that Duodenal Cancer could be hereditary?
A. We found this article and thought that the 2nd paragraph on page 3 was worth looking into ~ Screening Test

Q. Is there a Cancer Center that has experience with Duodenal Cancer?
A. A Duodenal Cancer patient has passed along this treatment center as knowledgeable: Massey Cancer Center, Richmond, Virginia

Q. What is FAP? Check out this resource…NetDoctor
Q. Are there symptoms that might indicate Duodenal Cancer?
A. A visitor of DuodenalCancer.com put together this possible early symptoms list…
vague abdominal pain
stomach ulcer-like -pain
bleeding ulcer
back pain that does not go away
slight weight loss
pale stools
dark urine
irregular bowel movements
lack of energyEarly testing…
Annual stool test for blood in stools
endoscopy test
colonoscopy test
blood tests
Flu-like symptoms
high fever
chills lasting 2 week
jaundiceA reader of our May Newsletter wrote that Anemia was her first sympton.
Q. What does the term CUPS mean?
A. In 2-5% of cancer diagnoses, a primary site of cancer can not be found. The patient becomes aware of a problem when a lymph node is found to be enlarged. The lymph node is removed and examined under a microscope. Even this careful examination will not identify where the cancer began. The lymph node is a secondary or metastatic site of the cancer. Other common sites of involvement of cancer of unknown primary site include liver, lung, bone and brain. In about half the cases, the primary site will eventually be discovered.

Treatment of CUPS (Cancer of Unknown Primary Site) is difficult and often based on the best guess of the primary site or of the likely behavior of the cancer. For example, in a patient with such a cancer found in a lymph node in the neck, radiation treatment aimed at possible primary sites in the head and neck is often used. In otherwise healthy patients with widespread metastatic CUPS, aggressive chemotherapy using multiple drugs or experimental therapies are considered. In patients with advanced disease and deteriorating health, palliative care aimed at control of symptoms is often the best course of therapy.

Q. Where can I find more information about “Cyberknife” procedure?
A. Visit this website: www.accuray.com.

Q. The disgnose of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori bacteria) is on my test, where can I find information about that?
A. Visit this website: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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