About us

US means everyone affected by Duodenal Cancer … DuodenalCancer.com would like to thank ActingZone.com for sponsoring this website!! Thank you to Myra Durkin and Jeanne Henley for always ready to share their experiences with duodenal cancer thru the Google Support Group. We’d also like to thank, Nicole VanZwoll, for maintaining the Yahoo Support Group.

Here’s some of the nice letters we receive…
“You’re wonderful to be maintaining the website. It’s such a terrific thing that John did.”

~ Myra Durkin


“As a duodenal cancer survivor, I am grateful for all you have done! I pray God will shower your family with blessings for all of your caring thoughts and actions.

~ Janet Lee”

Thank you so much Adrienne for providing this yahoo group. For such a long time I did not know a single survivor or surviving family of anyone who had even heard of Duodenal Cancer. This summer will be my 5th year Cancer free.

Blessings and prayers to all those who are touched by this rare cancer. Thank you to Adrienne for linking us all togeter.

~ Kathryn,

I’m very pleased that you are giving us a way to get Duodenal Cancer recognized and hopefully more research will come about.

~ Julie Haney

“Thanks so much for your hard work and efforts to make more people aware of duodenal cancer. We appreciate your suggestions–some my mom has done (port, nutrtionalist). Problem is her appetite is limited and she fills very quickly. We asked about the appetite stimulator and apparently they would like to monitor her weight and not give it until necessary. Please let us know if there is something we can do to help your efforts to raise awareness. In a world that can do so much, it’s frustrating that information is so limited.

I hope that you and your children enjoy the holidays and realize that your website is helping so many of us link up together and fight! Your husband John sounded like a wonderful man–he would be proud.

Thanks again,

~ Maureen

“I am glad to hear /learn of the support you offer. Bravo to John for his attitude and to he and his wife for their concern for others…

During my personal ordeal I knew of no-one to talk to…

In the six and a half years since my surgery I have yet to meet a duodenal cancer survivor.

Yesterday when I sent off my note I had not scanned through your site. Today I did and I was/am so impressed with John’s quote at the bottom of your family pictures that people are the cure ……people showing they care,extending themselves out to to others to somehow assist them through their personal ordeals.

~ Len O’Brien